Support and manage the day-to-day operations of the Firm, providing expert and in-market support regarding office management, office services and facilities, real estate management, risk management, and secretarial and administrative services.

One of the main areas, Document Services, is a comprehensive range of document production and back-office solutions that enable users across the Firm to focus on higher-value, client-winning work, including support for BakerXchange, Camtasia Editing, Data Entry, Document Support, Presentations and Meeting Materials, Voice Transcription and Translations.

The Process & Quality team is the key component to implement a consistent continuous quality improvement program that will facilitate process improvement through the use of best practices, branded tools and a sensible education program across the Service Center areas with focus on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

At BDMC we help the Firm produce on a timely basis the tools needed to ensure the best possible products so our lawyers can win new business, maintain and create loyalty from our current client base and communicate appropriately internally and externally.


The Communications Services team provides a range of standard and bespoke services to ensure the smooth running of the Firm's communications needs - internally and externally.

Team members will in effect act like a team of Communications "account managers" and "account execs" organized to service their internal "clients" much like any successful full-service comms agency would in the outside world. The Communications Services team is made up of End-to-End (E2) and Specialist roles, but all are fully aligned with and part of the overall Communications Team based around the world.

CRM Support

This service enables consistent application of robust CRM administration practices. Services include help with event and campaign preparation, help with data and configuration management and services around access and education of the CRM.

Design Services

Is the Firm’s creative team, responsible for global application and administration of our visual identity. The team’s service offering spans bespoke designs for a broad range of print, digital, and physical media, supporting both internal and client-facing initiatives and events.

Leveraging a deep understanding of our brand development, the team work closely with the global Firm network to develop creative, high-impact, and brand-compliant materials.

Directories, Awards & surveys

The Directories, Awards & Surveys (DAS) team is a global team, based across the four service centers, dedicated to compiling and writing directories, awards and survey submissions for the Firm's partners, offices and practice/industry groups. The team implements best practice to ensure high quality submissions, delivered on time, while reducing the significant real and opportunity costs of the end-to-end submissions process.

Proposal Production

The Proposal Production Center (PPC) provides support in the development of customized, high quality proposals, capability statements, CVs and team charts, brochures and flyers, RFI and RFP responses support and other opportunities to produce timely and effective responses that would ultimately win work for the Firm. The PPC also supports content review and management, and helps with tracking proposals on tools and platforms.

Access to central support promotes consistent use of current best practice, ensures application of the Firm’s global quality and visual identity standards, and offers the advantage of referring to past winning pitches. The team's relationship with the Pitch & Pursuit Excellence team ensures that best practices, latest information, and professional oversight are being utilized.

As one of our strategic pillars, People will play a key role in putting forward the new professional services model to support the Firm's world-wide transformation.

Culture is and will continue to be our key differentiator, empowering and enabling our people to be their best. We strongly believe that a high-performing culture driving innovation & continuous improvement with increased capabilities is critical in helping drive functional excellence and profitability.

To better support our internal clients, the People function will deliver world class services from our global center in BA with focus on: 

  • Performance development delivery
  • Recruitment delivery
  • Careers & Rewards delivery
  • People information management
  • Mobility delivery
  • Training process delivery
  • Employee helpdesk
  • Onboarding & offboarding delivery
  • People & D&I Analytics

To achieve that goal, we will be supported by the last HR technology to ensure quality, accuracy and agility in our services' provision.

We will count with SuccessFactors, SAP’s HRIS offering, to provide automated functionality around Talent Management, including Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Analytics.

Technology will empower our in-market People teams to ensure compliance and access to HR data, focusing on value-add solutions to our clients, ultimately, helping improve the Employee Experience of all our teams in the Firm.

Our Knowledge function helps the Firm deliver better legal solutions by producing and providing easy access to high quality, relevant legal information for both lawyers and clients. The services that will be delivered are:

Knowledge Reporting

Creation and dissemination of regular and ad-hoc usage reports for the various Knowledge Systems (Harmony, Current Awareness Platform (CAP), Contract Express, PSL time).

Content Profiling, Management & Upload

Preparing, profiling and uploading of content into Knowledge repositories; removal of information that is confidential, sensitive, subject to jurisdictional requirements or proprietary restrictions; updating and managing know-how content hosted in Knowledge Systems.

Information Alert Management

Producing and supporting information alert creation and maintenance, leveraging innovative aggregator technology.

Horizon Scanning Support

A framework for the sustainable production and productization of client-facing Horizon Scanning products, to surface content that can then have legal insight and commentary added to it.


Provides research into legal (case/code law, legislation and legal decisions) and business (client/industry/market) information.

Information Product Management

Assist in requesting and managing access/passwords for existing information products and support with invoicing for information products.

We help to manage the business for most of the finance operational activities and to provide real time information to support operational and strategic business decisions.
At the Buenos Aires Center we provide support for the following processes:

  • Record to Report
  • Quote to Cash

The Buenos Aires Center is one of four centers around the world providing coverage to local offices to ensure a seamless service support amongst all centers (Buenos Aires, Tampa Bay, Belfast and Manila).

Record to Report (R2R)

R2R is the global process encompassing all of the steps or elements established that ensure the quality and accuracy of our Firm's overall data and its analysis. Services offered are based on the globally accepted best practices and standard procedures to ensure a consistent application of accounting and reporting standards across all offices.

R2R Services include:

  • Accounting Activities: record day to day financial transactions
  • Account reconciliations: to assure the accuracy and quality of our financial records.
  • Reporting: to provide the right set of information to local office to support operational and strategic decisions.

Quote-to-Cash (Q2C)

Q2C is the global process encompassing all of the steps or elements involved in the lifespan of a matter, from opening the matter to cash allocation, and everything in between (comprising billings, collections efforts, dispute management, AML, etc.). Q2C sub-processes:

  • Quote management: Pitch creation and Quote administration.
  • New business intake: Supports conflicts, AML/KYC, updates Intapp/SAP based on key quality information from partners.
  • Matter management: Provides matter reports derived from data analysis and addresses escalations.
  • Billing: Creates and delivers invoices to customers, ensuring standard processes are followed.
  • Collections: Executes collections efforts, dunning and cash applications.
  • Dispute management: Disputes escalation and support to firm stakeholders for prompt resolution of issues.

Our Information Technology function provides the Firm with simple, high quality technology solutions to complex business problems.

The services we deliver include:

Technology Help Desk - The Technology Help Desk is the 24/7 primary point of contact for technology requests and issues. This includes account access assistance, document management, remote access support, and help with audio, video and other conferencing and collaboration systems.

SAP Help Desk - The SAP Help Desk provides high quality customer service and technical support for SAP, the financial application the Firm uses.

Infrastructure - The Infrastructure team is comprised of both network and system administrators. This team is responsible for keeping all of the Firm's backend systems and services functional and secure as well as investigating and setting up new services. This includes hardware, servers, networks, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, security, mobile and virtual functionality.

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) - The CSI team aligns IT services to changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements that support business processes. CSI looks for ways to improve process effectiveness, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Training - Our training team provides support for all aspects of technology training, from content creation to delivery. This includes the development of materials such as Quick Reference Guides, Users Guides and eLearning videos, customized for the Firm's technology tools. This team also provides technology application training in multiple formats, including one on one, classroom and webinars.